• Beezel's Mambo2:31

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  • This Dance Called Me And You4:02

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  • Lemon Merengue2:01
  • Beezel's Mambo2:31
  • This Dance Called Me And You4:02
  • Ruben Orengo - acoustic and electric violin 
  • Warren Gaughan - piano 
  • Dave de la Rosa - guitar and vocals 
  • Ozzie Orengo - latin percussion
  • Byron Hedgepath - drums
  • Joel Pressman - electric bass

Picante's music is lively, rhythmic and great fun! Picante creates an atmosphere for dancing, even if you remain in your seat, so the audience can't help but move!  LISTEN BELOW​ to three original songs written, produced and performed by Picante!